Is Samsung CU7700 TV good? All about affordable 4K TV

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Is Samsung CU7700 TV good? All about affordable 4K TV

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With a somewhat innovative design and surprising audio system, the CU7700 hits the market at a competitive price Article cover Vinicio Rolim Lira comments Share: Samsung's Crystal 4K line of televisions remains an attractive alternative for those looking for a good smart TV input with updated features. The South Korean manufacturer's most affordable model for 2023 has many screen size options and a surprising audio system, but would that be enough to say that the CU7700 is good? Check out our analysis of the model's technical data sheet and find out if it could be the new TV in your home or business. read more Buy the Samsung CU7700 TV now on Amazon Design and connectivity Image exemplifying the previous text excerpt Little has changed in the look of the CU770, which remained quite similar to the AU7700, continuing with the body not so thin by current standards, while the edges around the screen are also discreet, but also deliver a TV look from previous generations as the edges are still noticeable.

The model has inverted “Y” feet that give the TV good stability, as well as placing it further away from the base on which it is located, making it possible to fit a soundbar under the TV. In terms of connections, the TV has options that are as expected for an entry-level TV, but which can frustrate those looking for a model that will be connected to many devices simultaneously. There are three HDMI ports in the 2.0 standard, two USB ports and a network cable input for internet connection. Still in terms of connectivity, we have Wifi5 and Bluetooth 5.2, both latest versions of wireless connection technologies to guarantee greater stability. read more Read more: Best 4K TVs to Buy in 2023: Top Phone Number List 10 Picks Best 120Hz TVs to buy in 2023 Samsung TV or LG TV: which brand is better? Competent screen, but as expected Image exemplifying the previous text excerpt.


The VA LED panel with 4K resolution is the typical entry-level panel that offers a nice upgrade for those who do not yet have a 4K TV, but which is only as expected for an entry-level 4K TV. The screen's brightness levels are good, as is color representation, although it leaves tones a little washed out in standard picture mode. The model supports HDR 10+ which improves the image, but as the contrast is not strong on Samsung's basic TV, don't expect a miracle in what is being displayed. Above average audio Although it is not surprising when we only analyze the technical specifications of the CU7700's audio arrangement, there is a consensus in the analyzes that have already been published about the model that the device's audio quality is above average, especially when used in the expanded mode that highlights the bass. As it has the standard 20W for this price range, it is likely that the thicker than average body could have allowed for larger speakers inside. Tizen, performance and cloud gaming Image exemplifying the previous text excerpt Like all Samsung.

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