The 10 Commandments of Lead Nurturing

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The 10 Commandments of Lead Nurturing

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Discover the 10 essential commandments of this method that allows you to meet the challenge of B2B conversion. Summary 1. You will adopt a fine segmentation of your targets 2. You will create strong lead nuturing journeys 3. You will adopt a customer-centric point of view 4. You will personalize your communication 5. You will vary the content of communication 6. You will automate part of your nurturing 7. You will not over-address your targets 8. You will not bring the sales force too early into a commercial discussion 9. You will monitor the performance of your actions with well-defined KPIs 10. You will optimize the effectiveness of your method in agile mode 1. You will adopt a fine segmentation of your targets If you have followed one of our 5 tips to make your website a real business provider.

Perfect these potential customers will be able to enter your lead nurturing process, and receive high value-added emails, which will ultimately convert them into customers. // However, not all the contacts that you will have collected on your website encounter the same purchasing challenges: this is why it is essential to segment your lead nurturing lists. Before you even embark on designing your nurturing journey, be sure to create Whatsapp Mobile Number List categories of leads , which can be segmented according to: Their persona profiles . These robot portraits of ideal customers allow you to send communications adapted to the problems of your prospects, and to convince them with more impact. Their different stages of maturity. Some of your targets will be closer to the act of purchase than others: it's up to you to address them in a differentiated way.


Their function in the company. You can create specific nurturing paths for company decision-makers, to try to convince them directly to buy your solutions, and others adapted to internal specifiers of your solutions. This segmentation of your nurturing will be essential to successfully nurture your prospects. 2. You will create strong lead nuturing journeys Once your segmentation is defined, it's time to create your nurturing scenarios. This is the sequence of different emails that you will send to your targets, which will accompany them in their purchase thoughts. // Each audience segment will correspond to a specific lead nurturing journey. To create these scenarios, look at the questions that your prospects generally ask during their buying journey , and offer them, in your nurturing emails, to consult high-impact content that will answer them.

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